Enjoy Dubai, Ireland, UK and North America on 100,000 seatback screens

Our agreement with Emirates allows us to deliver native marketing content for inflight entertainment across their full global network.

Maximize Your Reach; Captivate Emirates affluent audience.

Elevate your brand's exposure and engage with Emirates' affluent audience through our premium destination content for inflight entertainment. InflightFlix proudly delivers captivating destination video content on Dubai, Ireland, the UK, United States and Canada.

Global reach without a global advertising budget.

Our destination video guides offer an affordable inflight destination marketing solution to help destinations reach target audience with air access, engage them with 100 reasons to visit and inspire them to add featured experiences to their itinerary.

Align your brand with one of the most recognizable brands worldwide!

Your brand will feature on all Emirates aircraft globally and showcase your destination and experience to a global affluent audience.

One of the largest and fastest growing airlines in the world

Total Reach : 262,080 passengers per year from Dubai into Ireland

272 Aircraft

17,000 flights

160 Destinations Globally

100,000 Seatback screens

5 million passengers per month

Destination Video Guides

Our premium Destination Video Guides for
Emirates will showcase 100 experiences in Dubai,
Ireland, and destinations on their route network across the UK and North America.

Showcasing 100 Experiences categorized by visitor profile and experience type

Currently onboarding visitor experiences for InflightFlix Destination Video Guides for Ireland, UK and North America 2023.

Inspire passengers to plan future trips and discover new experiences.

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