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The Dublin video guide

Promoting great things to do, places to go, stay eat, drink and shop

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The Dublin destination video guide

How do you connect with overseas visitors, based globally today, in Dublin tomorrow? Simple – travel with them. Our Dublin Video Guide connects great Dublin experiences with captive audiences of airline passengers inflight.

Reach, engage and inspire inflight

Promote your business as a great Dublin experience.

Reach your target market of globally dispersed visitors ahead of your competitors.

Engage visitors with your experience in a compelling video.

Inspire overseas visitors to add your experience to their itinerary before they land.

The Dublin Destination Video Guide - what's in it for you?

Promote your business as a great Dublin experience

Target the right people at the right time – inflight, pre-arrival

Achieve global reach without needing a global sized budget.

Compel your audience to add your experience to their vacation itinerary

Get ahead of your competitors

Get great video content you can re-use on your website and social media channels

Hear from happy InflightFlix customers

Have them in the palm of your hand, before they even land