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DALLAS Video Guide

 Destination Video Guides available in 1/2/3 day Formats for

Couples / Families / Friends


Our partnerships with airlines and global inflight entertainment providers enables visitor experiences to

  1. Reach a captive audience of airline passengers pre-arrival without a global budget

  2. Engage visitors enroute with a 30 second video promoting their experience

  3. Inspire or Compel visitors to add their experience to the trip itinerary

Unlike traditional cost prohibitive airline marketing solutions to reach airline passenger’s inflight we enable destination experiences to reach a global audience at an affordable price

Connecting Airlines Passengers and Destination Experiences via Destination Inflight Video Guides

Videos feature things to do, places to go, stay, eat, drink and shop.

Efficient – reach globally dispersed market – flexible & cost effective advertising model

Our Destination Video Guide - what's in it for you?

Promote your business as a great Visitor experience

Target the right people at the right time – inflight, pre-arrival

Achieve global reach without needing a global sized budget.

Compel your audience to add your experience to their vacation itinerary

Get ahead of your competitors

Get great video content you can re-use on your website and social media channels

Showcase your Visitor Experience to the world.

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Hear from happy InflightFlix customers

Have them in the palm of your hand, before they even land