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For airlines who want to enhance their passengers’ inflight experience and inspire future travel, InflightFlix provides destination content showcasing 10 regions to visit each destination

Elevate the Inflight Experience and Boost Revenue

We deliver premium destination video guides for airline’s inflight entertainment that enhance the passenger experience, eliminate destination content costs and generate new revenue.

Engage Passengers with Experiences to Enjoy!

Entertain passengers with 10 regions to visit per destination across you route network

Inspire Travel with Premium Destination Video Guides

Inspire future travel with quality destination video guides aligned to your brand in multiple formats.


Long Play Format

100 Reasons to Visit

1x60 Minutes


Itinerary Series

1/2/3 Day Itineraries

9x15 Minutes


Experience Format

100 Reasons to Visit

100x30 Seconds


Category Series

10 Things to Do
X10 Categories

10x6 Minutes

Convert traditional destination video content cost to new revenue streams

Our end-to-end solution, with our monetized marketplace for 10 experiences in 10 categories requires zero up-front investment by the airline.

Benefits to airlines at a glance

Deliver a comprehensive collection of compelling, brand aligned destination videos in a consistent format.
Inspire passengers with 100 reasons to fly to destinations on your route network.
Increase conversion from lookers to bookers with video on web, email and social.
Enhance guest experience inflight by presenting informative and relevant content.
Reduce destination content costs to zero.
Generate new destination content advertising revenue streams.

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